New Amsterdam, New York



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 De Forest, Philip  28 Jul 1652New Amsterdam, New York I1497 Strong History 
2 De Suyers, Catalyntje Hendricks  Abt 1633New Amsterdam, New York I1564 Strong History 
3 DeForest, Sara  2 Jan 1678New Amsterdam, New York I1504 Strong History 
4 Kip, Abraham  3 Sep 1659New Amsterdam, New York I1565 Strong History 
5 Kip, Hendrick  8 Feb 1654New Amsterdam, New York I1566 Strong History 
6 Kip, Isaac  15 Jan 1662New Amsterdam, New York I1567 Strong History 
7 Van Boskerck, Laurens Laurense  1663New Amsterdam, New York I1406 Strong History 
8 Van Buskirk, Andries Laurens  Bef 3 Mar 1660New Amsterdam, New York I1408 Strong History 
9 Van Der Linde, Hendrickje  Dec 1663New Amsterdam, New York I1485 Strong History 
10 Van Horn, Cornelis Christiansen  3 Aug 1653New Amsterdam, New York I692 Strong History 
11 Vanderburgh, Cornelius  11 May 1653New Amsterdam, New York I1799 Strong History 
12 Vanderburgh, Johannis  28 Feb 1657New Amsterdam, New York I1796 Strong History 
13 Vanderburgh, Margrietje  1658New Amsterdam, New York I96 Strong History 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 De Forest, Isaac  1674New Amsterdam, New York I1495 Strong History 
2 Kip, Henry Hendricksen Jr  14 Jul 1677New Amsterdam, New York I1574 Strong History 
3 Kip, Jacob  29 Aug 1666New Amsterdam, New York I1569 Strong History 
4 Kip, Tryntje  1637New Amsterdam, New York I1571 Strong History 
5 Lubberts, Tryntie  4 Jul 1657New Amsterdam, New York I1573 Strong History 
6 Teller, Willem  1701New Amsterdam, New York I1958 Strong History 
7 Vermilye, Marie  23 Nov 1689New Amsterdam, New York I1570 Strong History 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID   Tree 
1 Teller, Willem  1639New Amsterdam, New York I1958 Strong History 
2 Van Ness, Cornelis Hendrickse  20 Aug 1641New Amsterdam, New York I206 Strong History 
3 Van Ness, Hendrick Gerritse  1654New Amsterdam, New York I1529 Strong History 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Kip / De Suyers  8 Feb 1653New Amsterdam, New York F387 Strong History 
2 Teller / Donchesen  1641New Amsterdam, New York F506 Strong History 
3 Teller / Kierstede  1686New Amsterdam, New York F515 Strong History 
4 Teller / Wessels  1683New Amsterdam, New York F514 Strong History 
5 Van Boskerck / Van Der Linde  1691New Amsterdam, New York F362 Strong History 
6 Van Ness / Wessels  19 Apr 1654New Amsterdam, New York F385 Strong History 
7 Vanderburgh / Cornelis  1652New Amsterdam, New York F429 Strong History